Clinical Radiology Application Overview

How to Apply 

Recruitment into Clinical Radiology in England, Scotland and Wales is carried out through a nationally coordinated process run by Health Education England (HEE) London and South East Recruitment. All applications are submitted through an online portal called Oriel and there is a certain period during which this happens. No applications can be made outside of this interval. In order to apply to Clinical Radiology, you must first register and create an account on the Oriel website.
Applications to Northern Ireland are handled differently to the rest of the UK.  For more information, visit the Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency.
During the application process, those selected for interview will be asked to rank their preferred training locations. The different ST1 training posts around the country will be offered to applicants according to their score and ranking.

Eligibility Criteria  

The official Clinical Radiology ST1 person specification form sets out certain essential and desirable eligibility criteria. This is a very important document to read, as you must meet the essential criteria in order to progress through the applications process. Some of the criteria are assessed through your application on Oriel and others will be assessed through your interview.

Application Timeline  

Here is the timeline for 2020/2021 ST1 Clincial Radiology applications, according to the RCR (Royal College of Radiologists) website.
Application period   Nov 2020
SRA invitations circulated  Dec 2020 
SRA assessment window   Jan 2021 
SRA results published  By Jan 2021
Invitations to interview circulated By Feb 2021
Interviews  Feb 2021 
Initial offers circulated   By March 2021 


The Multi Specialty Recruitment Assessment (MSRA) is a recruitment test used by a number of specialities including radiology. The exam is computer-based and can be sat at various test centres across the country. Invitations to sit the MSRA are sent out through oriel to applicants that have completed their radiology application on time and who meet the essential eligibility criteria set out in the Clinical Radiology ST1 person specification. More information about the test is available on the MSRA section of the GP recruitment website.
Applicants are ranked according to their MSRA score and invitations to interview are circulated on the basis of rank until all available interview slots are filled. The applicants' MSRA mark will also contribute to their final overall Clinical Radiology application score.


Health Education England have two possible recruitment plans for 2020/2021, taking into account potential impact of the current pandemic on the usual structure and delivery of the application process. Details of these plans are available on their website. In the case of clinical radiology, the structure of the interviews has changed this year consisting of a single interview station lasting 10 minutes.